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Animation created at record breaking speeds

Teamed up with Mark Teague of Dream Haven Studios to produce this low budget fast animated trailer for the book release of Knox Chase on the case of The Valentines Day Mystery. We produced it in about a week. We used Crazy Talk Animator, After Effects, iClone, and Photoshop to zoom through the production process in record breaking speeds.

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2D is not Dead, Just Evolving

Cinestar Interactive embraces a modern approach to a traditional art form. 2D Animation is not dead; what is dead is the old workflows, tools and expectations of what 2d animation is and can be. 2D animation as an art form with always have a special charm that can never be reproduced by way of 3d cgi.

At our studio, we look to innovate the art of 2d character animation through the use of modern tools and techniques. We create our own techniques and work flow s and apply them successfully toward increasing the speed, efficiency, and quality of 2d animated content. Our mission to find creative ways to make this art form more accessible, not only to our fellow animators and filmmakers but to the average consumer to whom animation, as a product or service, has long been an expensive and time consuming commodity.

Our full featured studio can take on any project of any size at a fraction of the traditional budgets. A project that once took weeks or months to create, takes us just a few days or hours to achieve.

Our workflow includes the the master use of lower end software in combination with years of experience and experimentation to produce content that is equal or higher in quality than the competition but without the traditional overheads.


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Sweet Child Of Mine

Our filmmaking group had the pressure of participating in Splatterfest 2014. The resulting fill will be screened September 30 at 7pm and again at 9pm at the Alamo Draft House cinema in Katy as part of the Splatter fest film festival. If you are in the Houston come have a beer with us and enjoy the show. Ticket information is below, get them early as it is expected to sell out fast!

Sweet Child Of Mine – An Film by Ibis Fernandez

Sweet child of Mine, is a story about a father on a quest to find a cure for his infected daughter. While setting up camp, they encounter a biker gang who has taken a a few prisoners which they plan on ransoming out for food. A rescue mission soon becomes a fight for survival against a horde of infected. It’s not easy being a parent, but time are different, and as matter escalate he is forced to make the ultimate decision a father could ever make… Take my hand and we will go together and find a cure for this, bite me, and we both die here today.


Part of Splatterfest 2014 – Ticket and Screening Info

SplatterFest 2014 DVDSplatterFest 2014  TICKETS are on sale now! All screenings will take place at Alamo Drafthouse Mason Park, Sept. 30th – Oct. 2nd, 2014. Awards Show Sunday Oct. 5th. (We will announce time shortly.) Screenings will sell out fast, so reserve your tickets today.

SHORTS PROGRAM 1 – Sept. 30th 

7PM Showing

9PM Showing

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The Kraken shall be released.

Toon Titan 5 is coming! (Code named Kolor Kraken) We are currently in the process of redesigning our site, adding new content, and galleries. I appreciate all the support over the last couple of months and to all my Toon Titan customers and fellow animators who have waited patiently for the update.

I have some great news: Toon Titan 5 is almost done. The Kraken shall be released in early 2015.

New Features to look forward to:

  • UI redesign – The UI has been redesigned for a more natural feel when working with a stylus.The amount of “clickidy-clack*” has been further reduced.
  • Skeletal Stroke Rendering – (I will find a better name for this tool, basically allow you to predefine the exact look of the brush stroke to be used when rendering outlines.
  • Heavy Outliner Function – Take any drawing and applies a heavy outline around it. A very popular technique used by most mayor studios these days.
  • Redesigned Color management system – You will now be able to export style sheets based on series. Each series will have as many characters defined inside as you want, and and each character as many props or objects as you want.
  • Interactive Color Model Sheets – you can save images of each character (or prop) to be used as interactive color models within the coloring environment.

*Clickidy-Clak also known as “Clicky-Dicky” is the made up technical terms I use to describe all the button switches, sliders, and setting-toggling crap that is added to a software product so as to make it more “useful”.

Programmers loves to infuse their software with clickidy-clack, cause it allows you to tweak the settings with mathematical precision. Well I’m not a programmer, I’m an animator, and as an animator, I want my software to just be intuitive and natural. I don’t want to spend more time tweaking settings than I actually spend working on the project itself. In the past, Toon Titan’s clickidy-clack has always been rather minimal, Toon Titan 5’s clickidy-clack will be practically invisible.