Puppet Producer is a plugin for Flash that dramatically improves the speed at which a multidimensional 2d character for CrazyTalk Animator 2 can be created and rigged up.

Create Custom G2 Characters for CrazyTalk Animator Fast!

PuppetProducerWhen Reallusion released CTA2, they open the doors to a whole new way to animate 2d character. By rigging up your 2d artwork in a certain way you can effective create “2d models” that can be manipulated and animated using a full on 3d skeletal system.

The problem however is that the procedure is quite cumbersome and time consuming. So this is where Puppet Producer comes in. Puppet producer takes all the monotonous technical aspect of properly naming and configuring your characters pivot points and turns it into an easy to follow visual process that does not require the use of templates or manual naming.

You simply select the part of your character that you want to configure, click the appropriate part in the Puppet Producer panel, and the plugin will “automagically” perform all the proper configurations to it, including the creation of the sprite symbol if required, naming it using the proper angle and body part name, and it will even ad the proper pivot point for the part that will be required for the skeletal system to work.

This enables you to focus on the creative aspect of creating your own custom multidimensional characters, and the actual rigging process is virtually reduced to a few extra minutes of visual clicking and maybe some minor pivot point adjustments.


Check out some of the awesome time saving features included in Toon Titan.

Visual point and click operation for configuring body parts and pivot points.
Reduce the amount of work required by mirroring character angles with pixel perfect precision on all pivots as well as accurate renaming of body parts. Instead of creating 10 individual angles, now you only really need to focus on a primary 4 angles. Three of the angles can be created by combining mirroring and a few manual tweaks, and the other three angles are 100% fully mirrored. This means that most of the time you spend on building your characters is time spend on the creative side and not the the technical side.
Traditionally creating a single angle for a G2 character template can take up to anywhere between 8 to 10 hours per angle. And that’s not counting the amount of time you will spend tweaking the actual character inside of CTA once your template is finished. This means that creating a complete custom character which requires 10 angles could easily take up at least 100 hours to produce.

Puppet Producer let’s you focus on the artistic side of character creation for CTA2. When you are ready to rig the character the process is made into a simple click and play operation. This means that the majority of the time spent on your character will be on the artistic side, not the technical. Depending on the complexity of your character you could crate a fully rigged character in as little as a couple of hours.

(* but let’s be honest, a good, complete character will generally run you about 15hr-30hrs  when you use Puppet Producer if you take all issues into account. Keeping in mind also that the technical part is virtually eliminated by Puppet Producer and the majority of the work itself is actually on the creative side. )

Whether you will be creating custom characters yourself or you hire a person working with Puppet Producer, the dramatic increase in speed and efficiency directly translates to reduced budget requirements and quicker turnaround on projects.

Think about it! Even if you were to hire a person at a US Minimum wage rate of $7.25/hr, this means that creating a custom character would cost about $725 to produce! Assuming of course that this person knows that they are doing and will spend just the minimum of 100hrs on the project. Not only is it way to expensive for you, but for the developer making that little on such a job is not even practical.

With Puppet Producer the actual rigging process is reduced to a couple hours operation leaving the amount of time it takes to actually create a character on the creative aspect of the work. (Drawing, Planning, Clean Up etc). From a creative standpoint the time it will take to create a complete character is subjective. A character can be created in as little as 1 hour up to 36 hours, depending on its complexity.

  • List Price: 74.95
  • Current Version: 1.3.
  • Free Perpetual Upgrades to 1.x.x versions