About Us

Cinestar Interactive is a full service multimedia, animation, and production company, producing content for film, television and the web. We specialize in the production of high quality content at micro budget pricing. Through the use of techniques developed over 20 years experience as well as the use of proprietary technologies, we are able to offer our our high quality services at a mere fraction of industry pricing.

Our studio is also made available for filming and public or private events. Our large area can easily be converted in a variety of spaces such as churches, court rooms, police stations, jail cels, and hostpital rooms. 

We’re a full featured production company with the capabilities to bring your entire production and its marketing collateral from conception to completion. We can produce anything for short animated commercials to complete live action feature films and music videos. Our experience is a unique blend of experience in animation, VFX, and Multi-Media as well as a deep understanding of web technologies.

We have our own servers, our own studios, and in many cases have developed our own tools which gives us an advantage over the big budget studios.

There is no budget small enough and no project big enough that we can’t handle. We have made a career out of producing the highest quality content at lowest possible prices. 

Our Clients


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