Our studio is available for rental for your creative projects and events. Our large spaces are suitable for production stages for Art, TV, Film, Video, Web Series and Photography. Our venue may also me used for Art Shows, Theatrical Screenings, Private Events, Concerts Weddings and more.

Book The Studio

* In an effort to provide the most accommodating prices for artists of all levels we have devised a scale based pricing system. Simply decide what category you fall under. The price is calculated based on expected hours of usage and number of guests.¬†All bookings are paid in advance. If you don’t know how many people will be attending, provide and estimate based on the max number you expect. (max guests is 300 when paid using scale).

** If you would rather just do the traditional studio flat rate, our current pricing is $650/day for Professionals, $300/day for Indie, and 150/day for students. Each day is a max of 12 hours. (Student max guests is 10 when using flat rate).

*** You may also book the studio at the lowest rate possible and have your guests pay for themselves. This is useful in the event your would like to hold a screening or some kind of gathering or you have no idea who will show up. You pay the number of hours you will need the studio and for your self. You guests will pay Cinestar for their own access at the time of your event by purchasing a ticket.

Pro: Your Project is definitely for profit. Commercial distribution in place or contracted to produce the content in a commercial arrangement.

Indie: Project may or may not be commercial or experimental. Doing it on your own with limited budget and not been contracted by someone else to produce it.

Non-Profit/ Student: Primarily for experimentation, learning, and portfolio building. * Must provide proof of student or non profit status.

Contact us for flat rate studio pricing. No deposit or production insurance required, but must be paid in full in order to book.