Notice: Studio Memberships are being phased out and are no longer being offered. For special ongoing arrangements please contact us.

Current Studio Genera Rates are as follows:
Regular Business Hours: $80/hr (9am-9pm)
After Hours: $120/hr (9pm -9am)
Day Rate is: $500 per 8 – 10 hours
2hr Minimum / Must book in advance in order to save the date.

New Scale Pricing Model Available Upon Request for Indie/Student/Hobbyists
$25/hr (2hr minimum) + 10$ per head

In an effort to make the studio available to as many local,  low budget, no budget, hobbyist, and student filmmakers and artists, were launching a new, experimental pricing model.
The new pricing model is scaled based on your teams size with a base rate of $25/hr to cover or our own overheads and a $10 access fee per person that will be accompanying you during your event. This pricing model is available for filmmakers as well as people using the studio for photography and events such as screenings, parties, and so on.

How does it work? Ok, let’s say you want to shoot scenes for a film and have a team of 10 people. 4 crew and 6 actors. That’s 10 people. Let’s say you need the studio for 4 hours. This means that with with a base rate of $25/hr x 4 hours your base cost will be $100, and since there will be 10 people attending (10 x $10 = 100) your overall cost for your event will be $200. And if your project happens to be a team effort where everyone is pitching in, or if it’s an event such as a film screening or party, then that basically means you only really pay $100 while every person who shows up pays their own $10 to access the location.