In an effort to provide the most accommodating prices for artists of all levels we have devised a scale based pricing system. To calculate your rate, you simply decide what category you fall under (Pro, Indie, Non-Profit) and the estimated number of guest that will be accompanying you to the location. The bookings are done in advance. If you don’t know how many people will be attending, provide and estimate based on the max number you expect.

Pro: Your Project is definitely for profit. Commercial distribution in place or contracted to produce the content in a commercial arrangement.

Indie: Project may or may not be commercial or experimental. Doing it on your own with limited budget and not been contracted by someone else to produce it.

Non-Profit/ Student: Primarily for experimentation, learning, and portfolio building. * Must provide proof of student or non profit status.

Contact us for flat rate studio pricing. No deposit or production insurance required, but must be paid in full in order to book.